Intelligent KNX technology for you.
Plug in, touch and appreciate the comfort.


For your house


Installation BOX with the knx equipment for connecting:

- 6 lighting circuits - 5 circuits for blinds and roller blinds /max 14 roller blinds/
- 2 circuits for a dimmer
- 1 circuit for air conditioning or ventilation
- 1 circuit for controlling the heating
- 4 circuits for 230 V sockets
- 1 circuit for the iron socket
- 1 circuit for the washing machine socket
- 1 circuit for alarm connection
- Internet cooperation module
- 1 set of Touch Panel LCD KNX 5” (click)
- 1 set of Touch Panel LCD 3.5” (click)
- integration module for TV/AUDIO management
- software for ANDROID smartphone or tablet (click)
- access point Wi-Fi
- installation and start-up instruction in Polish
- guarantee card


Attention: The JLnx system is also equipped with the control of manual power supply circuits activation.

Each set includes four program licenses for tablet or smartphone.